My Tribute Page Project: Nelson Mandela

Hi Campers,

After a week and some days of newly joining FreeCodeCamp, I have finished levels 1-110 successfully. I am so grateful for this service.

Well here is my completed Tribute Page (about Nelson Mandela):

(Note: I tried my best so excuse the sloppy coding. Furthermore, I still have some grammar to clean up but most importantly the page is finished.)

Please share your constructive comments!

Hi @CoffeeBookRead, as a first project it looks all good! It doesn’t respond very well to mobile screen though , perhaps you can look at ways to improve that.

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Thanks Conor. Yeah, the response sucks. I didn’t come to know about the concept of response until someone else also mentioned the same thing yesterday. Something, I will need to learn and improve. I am used to modifying already made WP themes which are already fixed. Thanks for your comments and take care.

Hi @CoffeeBookRead,

Congratulations for the advance :slight_smile: But perhaps you should go a little slower with your lessons, in order to learn better and understand things better as well :wink:

I suggest you start by revising the Make Image Mobile Responsive lesson. And then, Read-Search-Ask about it, starting from the Bootstrap docs.

Best of wishes!

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Thanks for the advice! I am just “coding away” trying to solve the challenges to exercise my thinking in code. I actual like moving at a pace and it is projects like these that help me expose my flaws. Now that my major error of ignoring responsiveness has come to light, it helps me realize ( in a practical sense) just how important it is–something you can’t really pickup even with a slow paced study. Now when I go back to learn it, I’ll be sure to focus on the details. It is one of the reasons I love to make mistakes in learning. I am a “learn quick, then go back” type of guy; just do the act then go back and craft it. Thus, yes I built the Tribute Page, but I didn’t craft it. No is the time!

Thanks for taking the time to respond and pointing me back to exactly where I need to review!

@CoffeeBookRead, You’re most welcome :slight_smile: Let me know when you finish your next challenge.

PS: I did 133 in 8 days :wink: haha

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