Nelson Mandela Tribute Page, feedback please

Hi everyone,

I’ve finished my first project “Tribute Page”, and I will be appreciated you if you give me any feedback about it.

here is a link to my project:

thanks in advance…


Great content! I love reading about Nelson Mandela he was an amazing person. Here are some of my recommendations regarding the formatting:
1.) I would take a look at your page from your cell phone. On my end it seems to lack mobile responsiveness in that it looks like one, very long paragraph. I would utilize bootstrap’s grid system, some resources that really helped me are and
2.) I would utilize panels, wells, cards (whatever you prefer) to break up some of your content into smaller sections. For example, I would separate the first big bio paragraph from the list.
3.) Overall, a great start! :grin:

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thanks very much, I really appreciate it.

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