My tribute page - you all put me to shame

Hi, when I was going through the lessons for FreeCodeCamp and did my original Tribute page, I just threw something together with no real thought about it. Then, when I saw what you all had done, I felt very ashamed at how lousy mine was. So many of you have such good ideas.

So I’ve done a new Tribute page. I still don’t think it is up to snuff when compared to a lot of what I see from folks on here, but I feel it is at least good enough that I can show you all and get some feedback. I would like to use this on a portfolio page, but it definitely can use some polishing.

The page is a tribute to the Doctors of Doctor Who. You can find it here.

A few notes: first, there is a sound at the beginning that autoplays. I was told on another site that I should warn people about it, so here is the warning.

Second, the page so far only works in Chrome on a desktop. It is messed up in Chrome on mobile devices, and I can’t get it to work in Safari. I haven’t tested it in Firefox or Opera. Any feedback on fixing those issues is appreciated, but I suppose that is really a topic for another forum.

Third, I know the picture of the TARDIS (the blue box on the first page, for the uninitiated) is cut off at the bottom. This was the only picture I could find with a transparent background that was even close to the size of the original images. The problem is that if I increase the height enough to get the whole TARDIS in the picture, then the arms of some of the actors get cut off. I figured arms were more important that the bottom of the box. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix that, I’m open to it. I don’t have Photoshop, so I can’t create my own picture with a transparent background.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


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Don’t sweat it man! I feel exactly the same about almost all of my projects, especially my tribute page (which, unlike you I am still to revisit it :confounded: - yours is way better than mine btw :smiley:) . Still, I think it is important not to compare yourself to others too much.

I opened it on Firefox and Chrome and it seems to work the same in both from what I see. I opened it on my phone on Chrome, and it works just fine. Sometimes the animation gets a bit laggy, but I think that might have to do more with my phone. You might want to change the For the whole transparent background issue I think there may be websites that allow you to do that. If not I think you can do it in PowerPoint as well, although I am not quite sure how. Other than that I noticed that the information of the doctor after Peter Capildi is missing. It just comes out as undefined.

Hope you have fun polishing this baby up! Definitely let me know once it’s done. :smiley: