My Tribute Page - your feedback contribution


Thank you for your feedback

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Good work :slight_smile: I like the image hover animation. Few suggestions I have.

  • Increase the size of the font.
  • Consider using different font-family for your paragraphs.
  • Give some whitespace between your pink block and the footer.
  • On mobile, make the pink block full width and give side paddings to the quote.

Cheers :clap:

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I have some recommendations. Please keep in mind that they are very subjective and to stick to your guts no matter what. :slight_smile:

1: The CSS animation on the image could confuse users into thinking it is a non-working button. I’d recommend removal.
2: Add a small margin between #tribute-info and the footer. (I see shimphillip beat me to the punch on this one.)
3: Make sure that “I THINK IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE TO CHOOSE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY” is centered, even when page size shrinks. (responsive)

Nice work overall!

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Sniff, my animation …

you are right

Good work. Consider making your info block the same width as the photo, on all screen sizes. I think having content in one straight column would look better. Of course if you do that then your lines will get uncomfortably long on large screens, but that could be fixed with more side padding or the addition of columns.


I added a link to the image ^^ to keep my animation

Thx a lot