My tribute to Aaron Swartz


I just finished this project and I’d like to share it with all of you. Maybe there’s some people who doesn’t know who Aaron Swartz was and this could help them discover him.

So, here it goes:

Happy coding!


Very decent page I think! :+1::grinning:

Thank you very much! :smiley:

I just added the test bundle. Almost forgot! Oh, and fixed some issues on mobile screens. Now it shouldn’t show anything weird.

Great Tribute Page @SpaniardDev!
Pretty clean design and nice responsiveness.
Like that effect that part of the page fades in when you scroll.
Is that Bootstrap 4?

Thank you very much, @nesanime!

Yes, it’s Bootstrap 4, but only the styles. I didn’t use jQuery or Bootstrap’s Javascript. I just thought that requiring the user to download all jQuery code + all Bootstrap Javascript for a behavior that I can do with few lines of code… It’s kind of too much. So I implemented the scrollspy, the smooth scroll, the preloader and the carousel on my own :slight_smile:

Really interesting!
Thanks for the info @SpaniardDev.
I will keep digging in your code to learn more :wink:

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It looks great @SpaniardDev :+1:

Sweet! This is what I hope I can code one day, just love a well-done landing page. How long have you been coding? (wanting to guage my level)

I am a newbie to all of this but in my opinion your page looks fantastic! I hope to reach that level of coding soon. Great work!

Thank you @ccs211!! :slight_smile:

@sikandarbusiness Thank you too!

About how long have I been coding. Well, I’ve always been interested in code and learnt different stuff from time to time. Because of personal stuff and because I was more focused on other things like graphic design or photography, I spent much time doing no code. Then, 6 months ago I decided to take it seriously, to work on it everyday without any excuse, and I signed up on freeCodeCamp. When I started, the current curriculum was just in beta stage, so I started doing the old one and now that I’m almost finished with all 6 modules, I’m doing the few projects that I left behind (some of them weren’t part of the old curriculum). This Tribute Page was one of the projects I left behind.

The funny thing is that I just reviewed a draft I did half a year ago (same attempt to do a tribute to Aaron Swartz) and… What a difference! :smiley:

Practicing and learning constantly, everyday, is the best change in my habits that I made in my whole life!


Thank you very much @seg12901! You will get to this level of coding soon enough. And beyond! Everyday you will find you have to learn a lot of new things, you will feel like you know nothing; and, at the same time, you will get better everyday! The magic of learning! :smiley:

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It’s awesome!! dude.

So, you learn all this in freeCodeCamp?

Thank you!! And no, I didn’t learn everything (I mean, the little I know so far) from freeCodeCamp.

By taking this path I learnt a lot, sure, but not from FCC alone. I don’t know about others, but personally I took FCC as a guidance to keep on track to be a fullstack developer. I learnt most of the things through documentation, courses, tutorials and the all mighties StackOverflow/Google. I think it’s the best way to learn. Ah, and reading code, of course.

Something I really recommend to everyone is reading other people’s code. I find it very hard, but you always learn something new. Like when you have the FCC test bundle throwing errors at you (and I mean errors, not just the usual asserts that expected something) but you have no clue on what’s the user stories really want you to do. When that happens, just go to the GitHub repo, find the tests and read the relevant code. That’s very rewarding and useful because there are tests that you won’t ever get to pass if you don’t know what’s your code expected to be doing exactly.

That being said, I find FCC a great source of knowledge and a better community who keeps you engaged. Really thankful for that!

Happy coding!


As an Aaron’s fan I really liked it, nice job!

Thank you very much!!

Wow! Really really good! The only thing that needs some work is either move the text in the Film section more to the right or darken the border on the photo. You can’t see some of the text because the white border is blanking out some of the white text.

A great loss.

Oh, I didn’t see that! Could you please send a screenshot to see how it looks like?

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Oops! Thank you very much! I’ll fix it asap!