My tribute webpage review

Hi, can someone review my tribute page and feed back.


It looks great. :slight_smile: good job. One thing is that there is to much margin on top.

you have various syntax issues you need to address

for the css you can use the codepen tool

for your html you can use this one: Ready to check - Nu Html Checker
you ahve various issues you need to address

can you go into more detail about the syntax issues please?

all those that the validators come up with, you can use it instead of asking me to transcribe what the validator says

if you have issues about a specific error, ask about that please

also note that codepen has a boilerplate, it expects only the content of body (without the body tags) in the HTML box, the stuff for the head can go in the pen settings in the text box called “stuff for the head”, if you do that you can ignore the related errors that say you are missing DOCTYPE, html and body tags - if you don’t want to use the codepen boilerplate but want to write the DOCTYPE html and body tags then you need to fix all errors in the HTML validator

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Thanks for your help, I checked the syntax using that checker that you gave me the link to and I fixed all of the problems, thanks again

Is this what you wanted in your page?

I want the quote to be in speech marks, I don’t if I have to use the cite tag as well or not.

I just put the < at the beginning of cite tag.

cite is not a tag name

if you check again now you have more errors

Didn’t you think of using different colors… to make it more designed /

I did try out a few combinations but had no idea what really worked and what didn’t.

I cant change the colour on the h1 element which is really annoying - any help please

There’s nothing in your CSS that indicates a color change. What have you tried?

Edit: I ask because I can successfully change it by targeting either the element or the id.

Hello, as a beginner myself, I’d say you’ve got a nice page. But follow the link isn’t accessible. Your anchor text should convey what you really want the user to see and just follow the link doesn’t do that. Check Lesson on accessibility

I have update my code so that the a tag surrounds the descriptive text

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