My Twitch Project. Finally!

Hi there,

It took me so long but, finally, I’m done.

Would you please check and give me some feedback on any bug you find?

Here it is.

Happy coding!


It looks great!

I love the nav bar and the cards. Also it’s fully responsive, nice! The follow button, and then going to the “Your fav users” view is really cool.

There are a few little things: When I click on the image it takes me to a blank white page.

Question: any way to see offline users? I think that’s one of the required user stories for the project. – Nevermind I see that on the “your fav users” page, and in search bar.

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Wow thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, you may follow up to 100 users and see if whether if they are online or offline. They are stored in your browser, so you may come back tomorrow and your favorite users will be still there :slight_smile: Also from the search field as you mentioned.

About the link to a blank window I don’t know. For me it goes to the user’s page on Twitch… I don’t know what to say. You click on any image and it opens empty?? Didn’t see it coming, to be honest. :S

Again, thank you for your feedback and happy coding!

This is a screenshot of what I see when I click on a link from the avatar image.

It’s funny. I confused your project with the actual twitch website.

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It must be a problem with the Twitch server, cause the URL to the actual streaming is correct. Anyway, I think I should link to the user’s page instead to avoid this kind of errors.


Haha! I wanted to make it look like the original website :slight_smile:


Ok, I fixed this. Now the links in the stream images point to the user’s page on Twitch. It should work alright now :slight_smile: