My app!

Here is my app any feedback is appreciated.
Only one thing I couldn’t do is to display the channels in order.Any ideas how to do it without set async to false.

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I haven’t done this one yet, but looks pretty good to me! I’d recommend looking into a template engine like handlebars.js so your string concatenation in your JS file is simplified. Heres a pretty good youtube video for it

Not sure if template engines are a thing of the past or not, but as a new programmer myself, I think they’re pretty cool.

I think ordering the channels may be a bit tricky, but you could sort the letter codes of the first letter in each title using charCodeAt() perhaps? Easier said than done…

Thanks, @bartius-nigel I had a quick look at handlebars.js looks interesting, more you learn more you earn.
:slight_smile: Happy coding!!