My wikipedia viewwer

Hey please check my recently completed wikipedia viewer project

pease give me your precious feedback regarding anything especially the search bar animation. Every part has been written by myself. I will appreciate your suggestions.

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Hey there,

I think your animation is very nice.

But the close-button “X” is not horizontally centered. Perhaps this is on purpose, but it looks kinda out-of-balance, if you know what I mean. Furthermore, when I enter my keyword, there is no search button or anything like that. As you only state “click icon to search” this could be misleading and the user might not know what to do next, after entering a keyword. Of course you could say a lot of people would hit their “return” key and they’re good. But what if someone hits the “X”, because your interface still says “click icon to search” below the searchbar … so I think the user instruction is ambiguous and could be more accurate.

The rest is very cool, though. After you entered your keyword and hit “enter” everything works smoothly: suggestions are shown below the search field rapidly, the random article link is a nice idea.

Greetings and have a nice day!

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Hey thanks a lot for your review. You are right about the close button. I could not make it straight. I have made it using two “|” symbols rotated and laid on top of each other. Do you have any better option?

You could use some margin-top on your slash-class, to properly align it horizontally. Or maybe try a completely different approach which might involve some more work to do: you could use icon-fonts (fontawesome etc).