MySQL 8.0.12 - File not found error

So i’m learning mysql and have been banging my head on walls for hours because of a stupid mistake I can’t figure how to sovle …

I was trying to load data from a txt file, the local_infile variable is on, and has been set at the session’s launch.

the txt file is named “test.txt” and is located on “C:\Users\Gaufre A\Desktop\test.txt” , but when I try to load it via my sql using

 LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/Users/Gaufre A/Desktop/test.txt' INTO TABLE testtable;

I get the following error :

ERROR 2 (HY000): File ''C:/Users/Gaufre A/Desktop/test.txt'' not found (OS errno 2 - No such file or directory)

It’s really infuriating since I can open this very path and see the file on my desktop, I browsed online for a solution, but every trick I found would not work, including placing the file in the launching folder of mysql or placing it inside the folder stored in the variable secure_file_priv

Any help is appreciated, I really do not know what i’m doing wrong, and steadily going crazy … Thanks a lot !

Have you solved your issue? I have the same error!)