Name of the scrolling effect

What’s the name of this scrolling effect and how to create something like this?

It’s called parallax scrolling, the images at the back move more slowly than the ones at the front so that there is an illusion of depth – just Google “parallax scrolling effect tutorial” and you’ll get a helluva lot of results back.

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parallax scrolling is a bit different, in this example I would say it’s something like full-screen parallax scrolling

Are you saying fullscreen because the scrollbar isn’t visible? if so you can style the scrollbar

::-webkit-scrollbar {
  width: 0px;

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Yep, it is still parallax scrolling, they’ve just used JavaScript for the entire page, so it’s a single page with animations acting the same way as the native scroll behaviour. I’m only on mobile at the minute so I can’t really dig into the source much, but it’s a. hijacking the scroll behaviour (so if you swipe up/down it pulls in a new “page”) and b. it’s using Greensock for the animation, so probably have a dig around in the Greensock forums, they’re generally very helpful as a starter – for example

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