Need a assistance in saving image

Hi ,
I need an assistance for saving image. I am doing my personal portfolio project and still wondering where to save a image.
Since codepen was not loading the image saved in my desktop. I even tried to save in dropbox, still the image is not appearing on codepen website. Do you guys can suggest me any ways for this??
I’m in need of it , since all my fcc projects have a broken image.

If its just for learning purposes where license doesn’t matter, you can just google the image of choice, right click on it and select “copy image location”. If you want to use personalized photos then you can host the images in a GitHub repo.

If you just search for “free image hosting” you should find services that will serve up your image files and provide an image link. Just don’t use Imgur because it blocks access by CodePen.

Thank you so much. Will try to do that. But I am not so familiar with GitHub.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try free hosting services.