Need advice in learning programming

hi there! i am a 14 year old kid, maybe teen idk, I learnt c# up to all intermediate stuff that covers up to interfaces abstract classes etc. okay, I learnt c#, and I am learning game development 2d now cuz I know that I need advanced c# for 3d game dev, btw, I have more interest in 2d because I barely play 3d games.

The thing is, my main goal is not all this stuff, it is to create a online startup web, that is based on some problem that can be solved which I believe strongly. idk , why i am learning game dev now? Probably for getting some money lol. But to create a startup, i don’t particularly wanna earn money. i want to solve the problem which is lying. what’s going through my mind -

1’st side of the brain:

Learn game dev. continue on to 2d game dev, build games 2d, learn advanced c# learn 3d game dev, app dev and web dev.

2’nd explosive and dangerous and addicted side of the brain (idk acc to my instincts but i feel it right. idk that’s why i need advice):

spend time on each. out of 2 hours, spend equal time on game dev, app dev, and web dev.
Learn alongside. Idk why am i even thinking this, will i get confused?

3’d part of the brain:

Learn game dev 2d, learn advanced c# side by side.

4’th part of the brain:

Learn app dev, game dev and web dev, then learn advanced c# as the journey will get dull without any dev process.

5’th part of the brain:

  • 2 hours
    • 2/6 time on game dev.
    • 2/6 time on app dev.
    • 2/6 time on advanced c#.

and my main mindset. i am one of the stupid people. I learnt javascript at first which terrible. i just saw an ad of programming for kids, and found out it was so expensive that it … you get the point, what i mean.

After learning javascript, i was just roaming around, like a fool, learnt HTML and css, and tried so much to convert a webpage built into an app. i had no guide, still has none :P. you, know, i didn;t even learn much of js, up to just intermediate level.

almost a year went by, and i made no progress like a fool. i got a free course which taught me python live for free. but it wasn’t effective. i understood that python is helpful, but i needed a more stronger language cuz whenever i searched up on js, the path was hard, since js is mostly made for web development, other also, but most web development.

i thought of c++, but some people scared saying that it takes decades to master c++. i started with c#, a weaker version of c++ probably. but a competitor to java.

yeah, i learnt c# intermediate in a 1.5 month or 2 months, yeah, i am slow, idk why?!!

and now i am here. people question me, you have been programming for so long, show us what you’ve built, and everytime, i have nothing to show them but shame. yes, i know website development with js, interactive, but… yeah, that doesn’t fulfill anything.

my mind feel kinda frustrated up to these years, and that parts of the brain is based on this, if my frustrated mind thinks wrong, please give advice to correct it.

Which part of the brain seems tempting or none? Yeah i am kinda lame. my question description must be the lamest. but i am lame lol.

if your goal is a web app, why don’t you go with the freeCodeCamp curriculum? there are projects to complete, so you will be able to show what you completed

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yeah, but i don’t wanna learn javascript, I wanna learn with c#, I don’t wanna learn js.

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It honestly is more important that you pick one language and stick with it and less important what the specific language is. Jumping back and forth and restarting again and again is killing your progress.

yeah so i have taken the path of devoting equal time to app dev, game dev, and web dev, I guess that is the right choice? i will stay constant on c#

Doing a little bit of lots of things is a good way to know very little about a bunch of stuff. I would focus on learning the fundamentals in one single language first.

i know c# intermediate. that’s all i need. i will learn c# advanced eventually as i learn these 3 thanks btw for assuring me!

You can’t gain an intermediate understanding of C# in two months.

um… why? i know everything upto lamdas expressions. interfaces and abstract classes etc. classses, properties, etc. i guess I lack some of the topics and I will cover them first!

Let me put it this way. I am a professional C developer with 5 years of experience. It took me six months to build intermediate skills in Rust.

Having intermediate skills means you can make moderate sized projects on your own using ideomatic syntax and style for the language. That’s not a skill that develops in 2 months.

I can write my own console apps for whatever i wish using my own ideomatic syntax. Remember many parts of c# is also related to javascript, like for loops do while etc not classes properties, they’re different in syntax in javascript. Let’s put it this way, i can use my own ideomatic syntax to create software. I know that isn’t a skill that develops in two months. I may need like 5 or 10% help while programming. I am not a beginner either in c#. I was a beginner in javascript. I can write my own ideomatic stuff to create. But, if you still think i am wrong, please tell me what should i do next?

Let’s say i am a little weak c# intermediate programmer

I am not sure what that means. That is not a great sign. Different languages have their own conventions and paradigms for how they tend to be used. Using ‘your own ideomatic syntax’ instead of the conventions of the language usually means you’re fighting the language’s design.

It took me less that a month to make basic programs in Rust in ‘my own ideomatic style’ but it took me six months to actually understand how the language actually works and how people usually use the language.

The only way to become better is to put in the months of work in building stuff in the way the language works instead of forcing it into your own style.

It kind of sounds like you don’t know what to build. Picking game development as your main focus (for now at least) might help you get some more complete projects done. If you can’t come up with something to build you can always pick an existing game to implement.

It is also a challenging domain with lots to learn. I’d suggest you pick Unity and C# and try to build some games.

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Idk. I have 2 hours in a day for programming. Guess i’ll spend 40 mins for app dev game dev and web dev. Per day. And eventually, i’ll learn more c# stuff, cause i can’t improve my c# skills until i know to get to built something or can i?

@JeremyLT how will i get to intermediate c# then, what can i do? I only know how to build console applications. What would you have done in my place?

And i’ve built like 7 to 8 console apps but haven’t got idea for what to built next console apps

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