Need advice on choosing a path to focus

Hello everyone,

Need some advice if I should choose full stack development or artificial intelligence to focus on building a skill. I am both interest with these 2 but more kinda passionate on the things that I can build on artificial intelligence.

My questions is:

  1. Is there a huge number of job availability and freelance opportunities for artificial intelligence?

  2. About the estimated salary for AI, is it the same as full stack development or even more?

  3. What are the problems you can solve and business you can build on AI industry?

Building software that get’s called “artificial intelligence”, or building other software on top of it, is a subset of the broader category of software development. AI isn’t really a career field so much as an application of software or a skill specialization. Similarly, I build software tools for industrial automation, but automation isn’t my job *. So if you want to learn about the career landscape for working on/with machine learning, NLP, etc, then that information is going to be somewhat burried within the larger career field of software development/engineering. To research that, you might want to build a word bank of common job listing terms and do keyword searches on job platforms.

* and it’s not Lifeguard, which is a common misconception