Questions on which path to focus first

Hi everyone,

I need help on choosing which specialization to focus first? Full Stack or A.I.? I am more passionate on A.I side and I have interest on full stack too but base on my situation, I need to have a good income with a job that I can enjoy and passionate about.

I know all of them takes time to develop and gain mastery but which of them is more easier and has a higher chances of getting into an entry level job by building projects and networking without having a bachelor’s degree?


Getting into AI development without at least a Bachelor in CS, Math or related fields will be hard. Looking at the math just for AI predictions, you’ll get an idea why.

Leaves the full stack developer where you’ll still be applying AI as tools.

One option I can recommend is going the cloud way over certifications. For AWS that’s AWS Cloud Practitioner and then the AWS Developer Associate. This plus a few projects and you might already start applying. Not only for cloud developer, but also for cloud engineer or network positions. You are not limited to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud have similar programs.

Just one way to consider, of course.

Hello @ralfvilla , if you want to get started in Machine Learning, I would suggest you check out this learning platform called fastai: , it is meant for developers with experience who would like to get into AI. The good thing about Fastai is that it uses a top-down approach. You build the AI applications, and then they explain the math behind what you have learned. It is very important to find your learning tribe; check out this article: . Also, Machine Learning Mastery has a well-curated curriculum with open resources that you can follow:

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