Technology to learn for career growth


I am a front end developer with 9 years of experience.
I have worked on html, css, javascript, angular, react, inferno, electron framework, webpack, git, gulp.

To grow to next level which is best path.Learning Machine learning and AI, DataScience or full stack development.


For AI, data science, and machine learning, you will need to brush up on your statistics.

Machine Learning / Data Science

As Jeremy said, the big thing you’ll want to do is revisit statistics topics and then pursue that further into statistics applied to these topics. I don’t know a lot about what languages are often used for ML but for data, if you want to pick up relevant languages you probably want Python and/or R.

Full Stack

Since you’ve worked with Electron, you’re presumably comfortable with NodeJS (it’s just JavaScript anyway), so there’s one full stack option. If you want to branch beyond the JS ecosystem though, Java / C# (they’re basically the same thing) is approachable and commonly used. Really though, if you’re interested in going deeper down the stack, the backend developers at your own company are probably the best resource. Find someone who is willing to mentor you and do some pair programming with them. Then start asking for low-hanging-fruit backend stories. In my experience, when a good developer is interested in or tasked with unfamiliar domains/languages, there is a lot of trust that they’ll be able to figure it out as the go along. I’ve mentored several C++ developers into web UI work and now I ask them to return the favor when I want to dip my toe in our server code.

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Python (and R, but it’s not my favorite tool) is good and heavily used on the user side. C, C++, and CUDA are good choices for developing ML/AI algorithms.

It sounds like you have a good understanding of web development, I would recommend you lean into that and take on backend development as well. Start by learning python, this way you’re learning a language that’s great for web development and machine learning if you decide that’s the route you want.