I learned Python, and I can't handle Web Development

I’ve studied web and mobile app development, but I don’t think I have the patience or creativity it requires. Full stack web or app development takes an amazing amount of work - databases, middleware, networking, UI, live deployment… I’m frankly amazed anyone is able to keep track. I would learn something and forget it by the next week. I get ideas for sites or apps but can’t manage to follow through on completing them.

I just want to code logic in one language, not a mess of html, css, javascript, middleware, templating languages, APIs and databases.

Software test engineering is one way. What other non-webdev roles do you recommend? Data science, machine learning or natural language processing? Are there any developer/software engineer roles that don’t require full stack or entire-app development? Please, any guidance is appreciated :slight_smile:

I get your point. I work with React and I worked a bit with NodeJS and Mongo DB as well and I saw that for front end in job posts they want you to know html/css very good at least for front end jobs for full stack they don t really want you to be designer and dev at the same time. However you re right you kinda need to work with them all the time or you start to forget things. I haven t worked with pure Javascript much and I think I need to look at some things again. I started learning some more advanced css but I kinda forgot since I haven t practiced with it after a while. I was also thinking to go for some React Native since mobile development is a thing but there is so much to learn and remember…That s the thing I guess you need to work with each of them every week.I m grateful I haven t learned SQL yet that one is more like a programming language itself, it looks quite intimidating.