Need advice to get the right direction!

i have a question, thank you for read my message :smiley:

Tell us what’s happening:

if i want to become a computer science so which program should i pick ?

First thing first a computer science course, for example the Harvard one which is now in freecodecamp YouTube channel and various other places #harvard-cs50

Then what do you mean by “program”?

its like which programming language should i pick first ? python, html or java since these language are the most common one.

If you follow the computer science course (and if you are aiming at computer scientist you should) they start showing some python
After an introduction you will know enough to make the choice yourself

You can also learn JavaScript here on freecodecamp

so im skipping html ? and focus on either Java or python

Java and JavaScript are different things,

JavaScript is the language of the web, and a tad bit of html and css is useful if you intend to learn web development

Python is more used in data science, and it is the language used to introduce computer science concept in the computer science course, going strong with machine learning and AIs

I would say, start somewhere, once you start knowing enough you can know if for your desired path you need to learn a different language or the one you are using is finr

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got it, thanks you so much! :smiley: