Don't know how to chose what to study

Don’t know how to chose what to study. What free code camp is not doing to help someone like me.
1st thing I would like to see a list of program languages and associated description of what the languages are for ( what thy are used for), example: C++ - used for operating system. (or so I am told)

2nd thing In the listing of used for, please don’t abbreviate the description I said previously, operating system I didn’t say OS as I am such a newbie I barely even know that much.

have you done any research before asking here?

because you may be asking for a list of 30-40 and more things

what are you interested in?
web development? creating games? phone apps? desktop applications?

or are you more interested in a general thing before deciding, like studying computer science?

you can use google or youtube dont be lazy bro :smiley:

If you have specific goals in mind, we may be able to help you figure out what languages and technologies you need to learn to accomplish those goals. If you are not sure yet what you want to focus on, I suggest starting the curriculum at In addition to being free, this is one of the best programming courses I have ever found. freeCodeCamp focuses on programing web applications, but it does a good job teaching the fundamentals of programming that will be a very good foundation for any othere language you choose to learn.

To do research you have to be knowledgeable of the names of the programs and their uses. I wouldn’t know how to say get a list of information on this. I have tried to do a search (names of computer programs) what do I get a Microsoft web site.

I don’t know enough to do this. I have looked at the free code camp curriculum but I don’t understand enough about what I am seeing to understand it. Please remember I am a Newbie I get lost In the terminology.

you asked about languages, not programs
if you search about computer languages you get various articles about “top x languages in 2019/2020”, with usually explanations of what they do

you did not tell what you are interested in
if it’s just a nebulous interest you can start anywhere and eventually you will find your top picks
if you have ideas… do you want to create websites maybe? or mobile apps? or something else?

When I say programs I mean the Languages their written in. I said I was a newbie so I’m not sure how to say it in away you are use to.
What I am interested in, I am not sure how to describe it.
Ok, you got your monitor with different symbols on the screen, putting the mouse on the different symbols you can turn off or on remote systems. Or adjust operation of other hardware. Yes I know there exists software that does this But i cant afford it. The hardware I have access to, I just need the software.
I could probability build you a computer from a bunch of parts. Hardware I understand. Software no. I’m not confident using control panel In windows 10 I am afraid I mite screw up my computer.