Need advice on how to get started

Hi everybody! I am new to this site, not so long ago I began to be interested in programming, I am trying to learn everything in a row, so far I have not even decided on the language of study. I would like to ask you for advice, where should I start? How did you start learning to program? My main activity is writing essays, in which I am an expert, so I will be happy to answer anyone who has any questions on this topic. I am currently working at StudyPool website, in my experience, this is the best essay writing service, check more (Mod edit removed link) to see a review of this service from the experts. I will wait for your advice, have a nice day everyone!

Hi @WilliamTempleton !

Welcome to the forum!

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In my opinion, I think you should just start with one programming language and stick with it for a while.
Learn the fundamentals and build some projects in it.

I think people worry to much about what language to learn first.
My suggestion is to just pick a language that has a ton of resources for beginners and a big community around it.

Then you can start learning other langauges once you understand the basics of programming.

You could start with freecodecamp.

It teaches web development and python.

I started almost a year ago.
I had some ideas for projects and decided to learn how to code.
I bounced around to different sources for the first month before landing at FCC.
I also did Harvard’s introduction to computer science course