Don't know where to start

hi everyone, i just need some advises on how to begin with programming. On how to operate or what programming language should i go first or ughhh i don’t know i’m really new to this environment , if anyone out there is willing ti help please let me know thank you


In my opinion you should firstly know what is the reason of learning to code? in other words you should know what you wanna do with coding. There are many options to choose from but it depends on you goals. If you wanna become a web developer (Front End for example) you should start with HTML and CSS and Java Script.

The Back End Developer path needs are different. So I think it’s better to write your goals or find what you like the most first then go for it and start with something fun and easy to enjoy the process of learning. Or you can start something just to see what coding is about. Just experience it once there is nothing scary about it. Test any language of your choice, there is no rule to say you should love the first thing you learn and become a pro at it. Start something easy to learn the basics and then you will find your path by yourself.

For resources FreeCodeCamp is there or or codeAcademy and many more.
All the best.

Thank you so much, i really appreciate your help.