Need Basic JAVA OOP tutorials


My Name is Donald Silverburgh. I’m from Dallas, Texas and I’ve started learning JAVA Object Oriented Programming (OOP). The subject is pretty good. But it gets a bit dry when you stuck. I need some quality YouTube channel or tutorial. I’m reading Paul Deitel’s Java How to program and testing out basic codes and trying to make one out of it like generate random numbers, strings, tables series and etc.

Please guide me on this case.


Hey Donald ,

It’s great to know that you are learning Object Oriented Programming in Java. It’s an interesting topic and yeah getting stuck is a part of learning. I think these tutorial videos on youtube will help you :

I hope this was helpful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Aditiya,

Thanks for providing me the tutorial. I will definitely look into it and will let you wherever I am not understanding or whether I need any help or something. Thanks Again.

Yeah feel free to ask for any kind of help you need and I’ll try my best to help you (since I’m not so good at Java so it is possible that I may not know a lot of concepts :smile: ).

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Hahaha But you can surely guide me the basics or any reference if you find. Much respect.

God bless you

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: and I hope you’ll soon become master in Java.

Have you checked this out? Quite a while since I had a look at it, but I remember it being good: