Need Help! 25 +5 clock project! getting Assertion error

I am not able to Pass Timer test 1.

and audio test1

Can anyone explain these errors?

Hi @YagneshP !

I am also working on this project.
It looked like the right format but the issue might be with the timer itself.
When I try to run the test, it is taking a long time to run the tests.
If you run the tests for the sample project it only takes like 30 seconds.

I think the issue might be with the timer itself.

I hope someone is able to identify the problem.

Good luck!

Yes! I have noticed that. Problem with the timer because I am getting the error “Timer has not reached 00:00”.

I hope someone helps me with this.

Good luck for the project.

I manually tested your clock and it doesn’t stop at zero.
It goes into negative numbers.
You might have to put a condition that says if it hits zero then it stops and plays the sound.

Yes! you are right that is the problem