Need help for coding ! Truly appreciated any help pls

I cannot fix the fail issues anyone could help me please

What does it mean “c-site header”
and other fail issues need briefly explanation if any sample will be great

HI @redpro !

Welcome to the forum!

We will need more information to help you.
It would help to see your code.
Can you upload your code to something like codepen so we can see what you have tried?

At quick glance, the failing test is saying you don’t have a class called c-site-header

here is the code

drop down till 2 fail

need embedded a video
and aria -label so need to link to logo???

Where are you getting this test suite from?

The screenshot you are showing me looks like a different test suite from the normal fcc one here

if you are doing the fcc portfolio project, then you only have one failing test here

Looking at your code it looks like you have a video and nav element with an arial label.
For this other test suite, are there any detailed error messages for the two failing tests?
Can you include this other test suite in your codepen so we can look at it?

here is the latest update website :

test result no issue here;

can you load HTML and CSS code on this test page :

you will see fail issue

Ok, cool.

So the test is looking for a nav element with the aria label with the text of Main Site Links.

Right now you don’t have that here

<nav id="navbar">

When I make that change, then all of the tests pass for me

Still not success from my side i change to with (<nav id="navbar" aria-label="Main menu">)
still not pass

can you send me whole code correct way

The test says Main Site Links.

You wrote Main menu here

still not pass

You are missing the period at the end.

Main Site Links.

woooow awesome finally pass
thnx a million…

now has another issue said missing weblink

I see you are marked it as solved.
You were able to fix the issue?

i have done this one my another side has issue

here is site:

When I look at your codepen link, I don’t see a welcome-section selector in your css.

When I look at the screenshot it looks like you are not referring to the welcome-section correctly in your code.

You wrote this.


But that is incorrect.
welcome-section is an id


still has issue can not fix it

You are still using the wrong syntax.

You keep writing this


but that is not correct css.

Since welcome-section is an id, you have to use the # symbol before the name


Also, the error message is trying to tell you the correct syntax if you reread it carefully.
It says the height of #welcome-section is not equal…
It is trying to show you correct syntax.

Once you change to using the correct syntax then it should pass.

Hope that helps!