Need help in grid

Hello ! I have already completed my responsive web designing course(1st course). But I am meeting with some problems while making my own project using grid. Hence, I would like suggestions on how to improve my application of grid. Also Pseudo Elements are not included in the course so I would really appreciate some Links for further information.
Thank You!

This is essentially the one i used after completing the Grid leason on freecodecamp.

You could check CSS tricks guide too or MDN

Something a bit more entertaining is However, I’d recommend going for a “real” tutorial first.

what do you mean by real tutorial ? I have already completed the grid tutorial I just want to get better at application.
thanks for the recommendation of the game I have played it.

Just meant that I don’t believe that the gridgarden game does a good job at teaching absolute beginners about CSS grid. It’s a good exercise though once you’ve picked up the basics like grid-template-columns etc.

What I wanted to ask was that do you mean the grid course of the fcc course as the real tutorial? If yes , then I have already completed that course.
Any way , thank you for the suggestion as I have already completed my work with the help .