Grid has been difficult for me

I have been having a hell of a time learning grid. I’ve used multiple resources including the scrimba course, css tricks tutorial, Kevin Powell and other YouTube walkthroughs. I’ve been trying my own side projects to focus on it. It just seems like I can never get my pages to work like the cartoony diagram layouts. I wish the tutorials would use real content in their examples. I have not moved on to JS even though I’ve done my five RWS projects, because I want to know how to use grid first. Thanks for letting me share.

If I can offer a piece of advice, I’d say move onto JS.
Doing so will get you into thinking of other things and will clear your mind a little.
You can always come back to grid and probably, after getting away from it for a bit, you’ll come back and have that “ah-ha” moment where things become clear. Or at best, a little clearer.


here is some cool game to play and get familiar grid

And here is a cool website too


This video right here was a grid eye opener for me. I 100% get it. I struggled with grid too for more than a week but after watching this I find myself using grid again and again and again. He will take you from the grid basics to 3 methods of how to work with template areas(very crucial), grid column numbers and more. Also the experience may vary because you might already know some of the stuff he goes through so this is just my opinion but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting.

But I also agree with the other person, taking a break from CSS and jumping into JS is great. I myself am not very proficient with CSS right now but i juggle both of them and learn new things everyday.

Hope this recommendation makes things a bit clearer. Keep grinding

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The site has tutorials on CSS Grid and Flexbox, as well as a lot of advice. CSS Grid is a paid for tutorial, but the Flexbox is free. Worth having a look at anyway.

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