Need help on getting keywords to get my JS learning going

Hey guys,

a few days ago I decided to learn programming and a few minutes after that I stumbled upon this beautiful site.
Going through school and university and starting a job, has helped me learn how to learn.
That is “Grab a big fish and start chewing. You’ll get there.”

My goal
I want to create a local server that acts as a web server if I so desire. The server should be used to visualize strategic movement in combat of a roleplaying game via a 2D grid laying over a map and moving small images (tokens) around.

Why I am posting here
I tried finding specific posts about the problems i run into and the ideas I have. But given my lack of knowledge I am missing a lot of key words. Hopefully there is someone out there willing to help, as going through all of the tutorials would be detrimental to my learning (I do forget everything faster than I learn what I really want to know).

Description of key features and their priorities (1 being the highest)

  • Starting a webserver for my friends to connect to (1 - Done)
  • Presenting a background image to everyone (1 - Done)
  • Presenting smaller images on top of the background that are movable for the players and update their position for everyone (1 - Open)
  • Drag and drop smaller images on the map from a given source - folder/Subfolder capabilities (2 - open)
  • Drag and drop backgriound images on the map from a given source and replace the background image - folder/Subfolder capabilities (2 - open)
  • Assigning one of those smaller images exclusively to one player each so only he can move it (3 - open)
  • Create a grid overlay that snaps the smaller images to it and resizes them apropriately (3- open)
  • Fog of war (4 - Open, but several sources found so far)
  • Resize the grid (3 - open)

Right now my limited ideas are as follows:
I somehow have to give each user an ID (maybe through a passwordless login), so that I can bind the images and some of their functionalities to the user.
For drag/dropping the smaller images and for changing the background image I’d probably need create a GUI in node.js. If it is possible only using HTML/CSS/JS and a node webserver I would not mind that at all.

As you can see I do have a picture in my head but really need some more key words for a goal oriented research. Your input will be much appreciated.

My appologies if this is too broad of a request.

Thanks in advance,

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