I want to make photos loader. How to do it?

I want to create small web- app.
User click “add photo” and after that this photo will be on server and everybody will be able to see it. How to create it? :grinning:


You can check out this tutorial that explains what’s required to upload files to the server :slight_smile:.

What i need to learn to complete this task? :slight_smile:

You need to know HTML and CSS for the front end (CSS is not strictly required if you’re not going to style the website) and JavaScript for the back and front end.

The Free Code Camp’s Curriculum has the basics for what you want, then you can read the tutorial I sent you.

Html + css is passed)
What topics i need to learn in js?

In Russia this site is popular. Will it be enought?

The APIs and Microservices Certification (300 hours) part of the curriculum should help you :slight_smile:.