Need help passing tests for Tribute page

Hello, I am doing freecodcamp’s tribute project and I am stuck on UserStory#8 & 9
Tribute Page Project

I am unsure as to why the selector is not responding in CSS. I have tried looking it up and it said SAAS has some incompatibility issues with ID selectors, but it did not resolve the issue even when I tried removing SAAS. Below would be a link to my CodePen:
My CodePen
(my apologies for the untidiness of the project as it is still a work in progress)

If someone knows the issue/error, could you please explain the issue and how to resolving it so that I can improve?

In addition, I was also wondering as to why the universal selector, * doesn’t work?

Thank you!

I see that you have an entry for #image in your CSS but you haven’t defined any properties for it.

Oh, I see! I suppose I was thrown off a bit due to the fact that I was relying on the color coding of the text editor.
I am still new to codepen, and I was wondering does the ID selectors stay in the same color? As in do they not change colors like the other elements i.e. body, nav, etc?

Hello, I am doing freecodcamp’s tribute project and I am stuck on UserStory#8 & 9

I have followed a tutorial and in that tutorial the youtuber has received a 10/10, but I received a 8/10 when I ran the test:
Youtube Tutorial

Below would be the link to my CodePen:

Is there something missing that I am not aware of that is causing this to be so?
Your help is greatly appreciated! :smile:

You are applying the styles to the img div instead of the actual image.
You need to move this over to the image selector and then add the margin property to center it.

	display: block 
	max-width: 100%
	height: auto

Thank you for the correction for both my question and about the duplicate post earlier!

I wanted to confirm if I were to have related topic questions, do I attach it to the one of the forums? And if so, how do I add another question to a forum? :sweat_smile:


If you have follow up questions for the same project or challenge you can reply to your original post.

It just gets messy if people open up a new topic, for every follow up question to the same project.

This way it is all in one place and organized.

That makes sense. :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for the clarification. Still fairly new to everything - coding, using freecodecamp’s forum, etc so it the correction and guidance helps. :slight_smile:

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