HELP: Tribute page for John D. Rockefeller Sr

Hi, I have a question about the tribute page I just coded yesterday. Also, feel free to give me feedbacks.

Here is the link to my page on And here is the thing, in the CSS box, I had problems figuring out why I couldn't apply any style to my id="background" and it turned out whichever selector is at the top in the style element just doesn't work. So I had to put the selector body{} there for now. And it just bugged me for a whole day now. I just started coding 2 weeks ago, and I appreciate any kind of advice you can give. Thank you :slight_smile:

please remove the <style> </style> tags from your css. You don’t need them in a css file. You require them when you’re writing css in html file.

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@waqarHocain Thank you a lot. Finally I know why it didn't work.