Need help with a Range Slider with date and year

I am trying to develop a range slider using JavaScript or JQuery ,which can be used to set month and year. I tried to put my words into a simple design representation here:

I want both month and year to be updated in the slider, getting either month or year seems simple but putting both together and in the displayed format, I am unable to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

Should have a moving label like in the picture, or is a static textbox with current value fine? You can use oninput to run a function every time the slider has been moved.

EDIT: With some JS you might be able to create moving labels.

Do you have a codepen or something of what you already have?

Hey Ben,

Thanks for trying. I did fix the slider using ionRangeSlider and momentjs. Will add it to a codepen and share with you shortly.

Again, Many thanks for trying to help. Highly appreciate it !

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