Need help with header and body tags

Hello all!
New here, i’ve been trying to go through the product landing page and have got somewhere on it, but i’m now receiving problems were my i can get the nav-bar to scroll down and follow the page, but… interesting part, i cannot get any of the other tags for like sub headings, paragraphs, video & input to show underneath the header (title, logo & nav-bar?)
Any help greatly appreciated.

That’s the current layout so far…

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You will need to create space between your content (excluding the nav bar) and the top of the viewport. You can do so by adding padding-top or margin-top :smile: Adjust the amount of padding/margin until your content is visible.

@gwenshiro has got it right. Just add a margin-top to your header. Try 100px at first and then adjust it as you see fit.

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the header has position fixed, so it is out of the normal flow of the page and other elements not cosider it. If you put opacity: 0.1; on the header you will see that the other elements are actually under the header element. Use margin-top: 200px or similar on your div that come after the body.

//select first div enclosed on the body tags
body div:first-child{
margin-top: 150px

your fixed header will still be over the content when you scroll down