Need help with Personal Portfolio Project

Have attempted the project here:

Sorry I did not spend time to put in my own content. Also the page isn’t the prettiest.

Need help with the below:

  • In the title text next to the photo (Newbie developer…), I can’t get it to middle vertically align with the photo. How can I do that?
  • How do I get the input boxes to fill the whole width of the column?
  • I noticed that the textarea placeholder text (“Message”) is slightly to the left of the other placeholder texts, why is it like that?

Thanks experts!

1: seems aligned to me.

2: the label has a display: inline-block property.
simply change it to display: block and your input will take the whole length.

3: the textarea was bigger since it was not wrapped inside a label. Once changed the above, you should see them aligned.

All this can simply be explored on the dev tool of your favourite browser; in there you can explore and modify each elements’s style to quickly inspect and prototype style :+1:

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