Need help with running the code, i can run the block individually but altogether i get errors when i execute says syntax error after using elif followed by if

age=int(input("entre age:\n"))
if age<8:
	print("you can avail 10% discount")
	prescription=input("enter prescription no. :\n")
	bill=float(input("entre amt"))
	print("discounted amt is:\n",discount_amt)
	print("amt to be paid is:\n",total)
elif age>60:
      print("you can avail 20% discount")
      prescription=input("enter prescription no. :\n")
      bill=float(input("enter amt"))
      print("discounted amt is:\n",discount_amt)
      print("amt to be paid is:\n",total)
else if age in range(8,60):
      print("no discount for your age")

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you need to write

   <stuff inside else>

with proper indentation and everything

if you want an if inside the else the block inside the if needs to be even more indented

why don’t you just use a second elif? or just an else?

Okay so first your range is wrong. Remember the second parameter is not included so if you want to get age 60 in there you need to change your range to this: range(8, 61)

For me it would be way easier to do it this way:

if age < 0:
print(“Enter a valid age”)
elif age < 8:
Do something.
elif (age > 8) and (age < 60 ):
Do something.
Do something.

I hope that helps!