Need help with technical document page

SOS: Need help with the “Build a Technical Documentation Page” project. I need help with number 10, I don’t understand how I have an issue when everything is right please help if you can thank you.

Hi @bredding23 !

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Three things.

This title in this header is wrong.
You wrote this

 <header id="References"> Reference </header> 

But in your navbar you wrote this

     <a class="nav-link" href="#References">

It is a small error but those names have to match.

Each of your section tags needs to have the class of main-section.

You started to do it right in the beginning.

  <section id="Introduction" class="main-section">

but then you started not adding it to the rest of the section elements.
You will need to go through each section element and fix that.

You have a lot of duplicate ids.
Remember that id names have to be unique.

You can’t do stuff like this

 <section class="main-section" id="Hello_World">
   <header id="Hello_World"> Hello World </header>

Hello world should only be used once.
You will need to delete that out of the header element.

You will need to carefully go through the document and remove all of those duplicate ids.

Hope that helps!

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I went back to resolve the issues you have mentioned and it worked thankfully. The headers were very unique to the actual text and I had to go back to add the main-section class into all sections thanks. If I have any more questions I will post up here directly.

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