Need i Server Side Rending my React APP?

Hi, in this moment i follow the course " The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap" on Udemy, and i’m on the section about Server Side Rending, now i thinked but i need to do on my App, let me explain, i follow this course and when i learn a thing i use on my Application :

but now i don’t know if use Server Side Rendering this, because i do this already:

this is the project, this’ll become bigger in the future, with the Registration and Login for users, but i don’t know if i need to use Next.js for this project know

  • are your users on low-powered devices
  • are your users on crap connections
  • is it really important to make your app faster at the cost of more complex code

The answer is probably no, not until any of the above become a serious issue.