Need pointers for creating a more aesthetic page

I understand this is subjective, but I know there are some highly creative individuals skulking around. I’d like some critiques and pointers on creating a more aesthetic webpage. Everything I do looks like a horrible 90’s page created by a novice. It’s quite embarrassing.

The main thing for making code look good is to not start with the code. It took me a long time to grasp that since I wanted to jump straight into learning to ‘code’. But no matter how gorgeous your code is… that has nothing to do with plain ole’ design principles and color theory. Anyone getting into Front-end Dev needs to get as much into those 2 subjects as the code itself.

Example places to start:

Color Theory

Design Principles


There are LOTS more courses and tools than just those, but when starting out, take as much time to learn those subjects up front as you do the code on the backend. It will save you lots of time and effort along the way.

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Thanks, I appreciate the resources!