My first portfolio page, Do I need more hard work?

Hii every one I just made my portfolio page and I am really not proud of it :confused: because every time I want to creat a page I do not know what color should I pick what size what font, I am just confused, don’t worry I will not give up :smiley:. please guys if anyone got an idea to help me fix this problem or it’s just normal (every beginner pass through it ). thank you very much <3
The link

Hi Ismail! This is a really nice start. I think a lot of your concerns will be addressed with time and practice. Maybe take a break from your portfolio and move on to the intermediate project. The more pages you create the more chances you have to find your style! Good luck and happy coding!

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Thank you, so it all about creating a lot of projects :slight_smile: I hop it will work

I would recommend going to some of the other coding websites and running through their courses. The best one I have found so far is Microsoft Virtual Academy (excellent HTML, CSS, courses. They even have a Bootstrap series I’m taking right now. Totally Free!). Code School is pretty good, too, as well as Khan Academy and Udacity. But the best one, I think, is MVA because one, they go into so much more detail than anything else I’ve seen, and two, instead of having you do exercizes on their website, they actually do demos that use software you either already have or can download for free, and you can go back and look at the demo files for future reference if you forget how to do something.

Yeah, FCC is pretty good at giving you the big picture of how all the technologies work together. For getting an in-depth understanding of each one, you really need to go to some other sources. Yes, I mean more than one.

As far as color schemes go, some really good resources are and The latter even has a section with various color schemes for anything you never wanted to know about colors.

And of course, there are the docs. Just google (insert technology) documentation.

Anyway, I am that your a beginner in development. If I am telling you stuff you already know, my apologies.


Don’t worry, same here. :smiley: The page looks good, I like it.

Two small issues I’d noticed:

  1. Your “send” button uses regional language settings, so I have it in Russian and all the other page content is in English.
  2. Some vertical padding for “Coded By” section would be nice.
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You will get better as you progress.

I personally don’t like the two animations you got. You might change them to something more subtle.

But as I said you will get better as you progress. Look at my first tribute page and my re-designed tribute page and I’m just getting warmed up :slight_smile:

As for what to put where the project images will be, until you get them done you can put a placeholder image something like this.

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@arhillis Thank you very much for taking time to replay, and I never heard of Microsoft.v.a I will take a look pf it right away. and about the w3schools I already have finished their courses so I will start with mva. Thank you again

:smile: thank you ^^ I will try to fix these problems in my next project

hah yeah the animation look awful xD I was just testing the scrollTop, thank you

I had such problems too

“I do not know what color should I pick what size what font”

Go to websites you like and then try to pay attention at the colors and fonts to get ideas.