Advice on how to make webpages look better

Hey guys! I’ve done 3 projects for the Responsive Web Design certificate at FCC. And while I’m very proud of the work I’ve done, I can’t help but feel like the webpages I’ve made are sort of… ugly. :joy: I was just looking for advice on how to make them look more appealing and professional. I’m sure that it’s something that will come with time, but I was wondering if anyone had any resources that they used to learn webpage design and how to make an attractive site? Or if there are other good courses out there that you would recommend for this sort of thing?

I’ve been looking at different sites for various products just to see how professionals do it, and almost all of them involved some amount of Javascript. I’m trying to make a nice site with just HTML/CSS. I am eager to learn Javascript but I really want to have a solid foundation in HTML/CSS first.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! :grin:

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Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Break down everything into small parts. Rather than having to make your site look better as a goal, break it up into smaller goals. Make navbar look pretty, make cards look pretty, make modal look pretty.

And if you are stuck and not sure if that’s good or what’s good or not, you can always try to check how some other big sites that you regularly visit do those things. I personally learned a lot from going to these big sites, inspecting their code and seeing how they’ve done them. Or you can always google templates and other sort of stuff, most of it is out there.

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Thank you so much!!!

Here are some quick methods to make your website look better

  • Use a different Font because the font has a profound effect on the design of a website.
  • Use background images, texture, and pattern because it gives you a website a different feel.
  • Whitespaces
  • Use icon instead of words
  • Change your website color scheme