Need some advice on software developement please!

Hi there, Need people’s advice on my final year engineering project!
I’m a Biomedical student with skills in python who is planning to do a software project.
But I have no clue to build one or what framework I should choose. My idea is that to build a simple GUI based application that stores patient data in the cloud. What framework will work the best for me and what languages should I learn apart from python to build an application that stores and retrieves patient data.
Would love to get suggestions on this, and I have 9 months for the deadline.
Thanks in adavance.

Hi @billjoel008.

Well, even if you give some details, there can be many approaches to do that.
If you only want to retrieve the data, in my limited knowledge, you won’t need too much additional tools, beyond python and a theoretical framework, you can see an example of a very similar package here:
If that is the case, you only will need the data and your coding skills.

Now, if you want to make some data analysis or classification/prediction task with the data.
Then, the thing becomes very interesting :grin: for example:
-You could build a neural network model that predicts the accuracy of the treatment. (PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras)
See: Harvard undergrad’s AI model helps to predict TB resistance – Harvard Gazette
If your data is qualitative:
-Design a classificator of False positives and True positives in Scikit Learn
see:Statistical analysis in metabolic phenotyping | Nature Protocols
-Use Natural Language Processing for medical reviews (Spacy).
See: Natural language processing (NLP) tools in extracting biomedical concepts from research articles: a case study on autism spectrum disorder | BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making | Full Text
And much more.
Hope this helps. Don’t worry with python you have plenty of options to make a good final project. :smiley: Go and impress them!
Best wishes


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