Need someone to check my work

Hi Campers!

I started to code a few moths ago. ever since i’ve been playing around in Atom a bit. Now i did my first real challenge in FCC but i have no idea if i’m doing it right. i do get the result i want after being stuck a couple of times.
but maybe there’s a better way, maybe i’m a great talent or maybe i should just go cry in a corner and rethink my life.
if someone can just take a quick glance, it’s not much it just has everything needed for the first challenge.

also, i have no idea if this is the right way to get you to look at my Codepen… pen.

Nice tribute! I wish mine was that aesthetically pleasing.

That last part seems to be a natural part of the process. Let me know if it ever goes away (I’m not hopeful).

thnks man!

The loop of my coding. First some FCC (freeCodeCamp) and then some FCC (frequent corner crying).