Need tips on courses to follow!

Hi Campers!

first of all this is my first time on the forum, so I hope i’m doing this right.

I was wondering, Since i’m really trying to be a developer. If anyone could give me any advice.

I have a family at home so there’s no option for me to go to an actual university to study coding. I work in delivery wich is not what i want for the rest of my life. So I’m very happy to have finally found something so cool to do, so welcoming for rookies like me and so much possibilities on the job market!

but now i’m trying to truly invest my time smart. I started courses on, a developer advised it to me and it’s a very good site. Except that they don’t have any real form of network or contact abilities and the whole community that freecode does have.
It’s really just the course there. I found freecodecamp by Google-ing around looking for recommended courses. I did freecodecamp the side a little just to see if I remembered what i learned on Codeschool. But as i’m progressing in freecodecamp i notice that this is way cooler! Just today i joined the forum and the facebook page for Amsterdam, i really want to get involved and learn more as fast as i can (note that this isn’t very fast since quality time with my family is very important).

Now for my question.
Does anyone have experience with Codeschool? Or does anyone have any advice for me on what course to follow? should i just focus on freecodecamp or just focus on codeschool? what are my chances on getting a job if i stay at freecodecamp?
I don’t want to mess this up or waste my time, since i have a daughter who’s two years old now. So any career path should be definite and should start as soon as possible!
I know it’s a lot to ask for life changing decisions on a forum :wink:. but any tips will do, plus i love this whole coding community and feel like i should be able to ask such a big question!

thank you for your time!

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Read this from P1xt.

It is a valuable resource.
Try to see her Github page where it is updated.

She really took the effort to help people getting the job done. I hope i can work my way trough it!

I have taken several Code School courses in tandem with working through Free Code Camp. I’ve done both as I wanted to absorb as much information and learn as much as I could to make myself a better coder. Most of my time though I have spent on Free Code Camp (probably 95%). So far, I’ve been able to work through Front-End, Data Viz, and am working on Back End at the moment.

I understand limited time and wanting to be on the fastest track possible… I would not do Code School just by itself, as they don’t have projects to build to help you learn and they don’t offer a certificate of completion as Free Code Camp does. I feel the certificates are extremely beneficial to getting a job later, in addition to your projects that you’ll build. Mainly practice, practice, and more practice will get you where you want to go. And Free Code Camp helps you do that :grinning: Hope this helps! Welcome to the FCC camper family!

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I was hoping for someone to answer with experience with Code School. So thank you for your good answer!
i’ve been doing it the other way around so far, about 95% Code School, especially since i’m paying for that. But today i made some progress on the camp, and got introduced to the forum, the Amsterdam facebook page and the fact that LinkedIn actually recognizes Freecodecamp as an university! So my doubts about the way i was doing it grew. And my love for freecodecamp, it’s just a fun place to hang out!
thanks for your answer!

No problem :slight_smile: Yes, of course, Code School is paid…I totally understand. I have learned so much from the Code School courses and they have really helped me understand certain aspects of programming, that may not have otherwise been clear. And FCC has been a great experience…there’s really nothing like working so hard and then earning a certificate! It’s totally a personal decision for everyone, how each person decides to forge their learning path. Glad to be of help!