Need to learn more deeply

I’ve completed almost everything in the Javascript Course(except the last certification module ) . The modules on basic js and es6 were ok but it seems that I found the Functional Programming a bit too rushed.
Any good tutorials more on the advanced side on these - stuff like .filter() .map() .reduce() .forEach() .every() .some() etc…

Yeah, FCC does not go very deeply into some of these things. If they did, it would take 20 times as long and most people would get bored and quit.

If you feel you need more work on something, by all means do a side quest. I think most people have to do this from time to time - I know I did. But I would advise not to spend too long and get sidetracked - it’s best to have some kind of path whether it is FCC or something like it.

With regards to the prototype methods you list, yeah, people get stuck on those. I think a lot of people get stuck on the concept of callback functions. I really didn’t understand what was happening until I wrote my own version of the methods. (But be aware that reduce is notoriously confusing for beginners.) I might recommend just googling those methods and look for blogs that explain them. There are a lot of good youtube videos.

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