Needing help adjusting email signature code to be more mobile friendly

Hello, I’ve got this code I picked up from a website and made some adjustments to my business. When sending emails through desktop outlook using a office 365 mail flow disclaimer. No images or line breaks are distorted. But when sending to mobile, the “Seasons Living” image appears distorted. The FB, Google, and LI images look fine through. It appears stretched through the mobile. Hope this makes sense. Can someone help make any recommendations to the Seasons Living image line? Thank you!

span style=“font-family:Verdana, sans-serif; color:#444444; font-weight:bold; font-size:9pt;” a href=“” target="_blank" rel=“noopener” img border=“0” width=“165” alt=“seasons icon” style=“border:0; height:50; width:100” src=“” /a>  /span br /span>

Where are your opening angle brackets (anchor tag, img tag)? I see two widths and borders without anything keeping them in separate elements. I know email is different but I don’t think you nest spans (two spans at the end without bracket).

hi, i had to remove some of the brackets when posting. Keep it from trying to load.
I uploaded an image of the distortion and linked a google doc showing the email code.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Email Code

Use three backticks on the line before and after a code block. For short one line codes just a single backtick before and after. The backtick is to the left of the number one.
I haven’t taken my HTML email course yet, but the HTML part of me wants to say your height and width in code doesn’t match the aspect ratio of the original image.

Did I get the angle brackets right? Do you see the width twice? It’s overwriting itself. img has width and height attributes. Don’t then put height and width in the style attribute.