Nesting For Loops Infinite Loop

So my “Nesting For Loops” in JavaScript is stuck in an infinite loop.
I know how to fix it, but the page now freezes upon loading so I am unable to do so.
Is there any way to revert to the original code so I can fix it?

(I have tried going to other pages and accessing the page from the “Map”, but when it loads up the page immediately freezes, making the “Reset Code” button unresponsive, as well as everything else on the page; I have to wait for the page to error out before I can go to a different page on

Nevermind, I figured it out.
I opened the page in Incognito mode and logged in and my code was gone and was reset.

Turns out if you open the page in a different browser it does this.
For instance, I will work on a challenge in chrome on one computer.
But when I open the same challenge on another computer (also on chrome), my previous work will not show up and I must start from scratch.

It’s never been a big deal until now - that is, it has definitely helped me!

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Thanks for this.
But I am not sure if I have signed up into chrome FCC from another computer or not. :frowning:
Until then I will work from incog