.NET certification

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if anyone in similar shoes as myself, 5+ years front end, ~2 years serious full stack (LAMP) development, 1 year mainframe C, No CS degree, went the MCSA route and how long it took them to get up to speed.

In short, there is a position in my area that needs a .net developer and while they say they want 3 years of experience, they are willing to hire someone who can attain their MCSA within a year.

I will be applying but I wanted to ask anyone who went down a similar route were able to pass the certification with some classes/ self training and if it was feasible for someone like myself.


Hi @WhisperPntr,
John Sonmez mentions in his book “The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide” that he once did “as many Microsoft Certifications as he could within one year”. Not sure about details but he has a blog post where he mentions 5 certifications … At the end of the post, there is also his email and an invitation to ask questions. So maybe he can help you … https://simpleprogrammer.com/mcsd-certifications-good-option/

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Appreciate the answer!

I only have about 2 hours of free time after my 12 hour dev job, but summary seems to be that it’s great for career advancement but more of a choice for self-improvement.

I have to split my choices between angular or MSCA/MSCE. I think it will come down to what comes more intuitively for me.

Since you said Angular and you’re having 5+ years in front-end, I think going for what you already know some about can help you progress in your future team and job faster. I have started as a .NET Developer and touched Angular here and there but for my last project I am being a full-time Angular Developer and I have to say I’m enjoying it way more than .NET development.

One of the main reasons is me starting to learn coding through front-end tools which has built a huge foundation for me.

At the end of the day is all boils down to what you really are passionate about and the kind of problems you really want to solve.