.net developer question

Im planning to shift my career from a cook to a .net developer. My question is, is .net developer good for beginners? Or would it be overwhelming when i land my first job as a .net developer?

I heard lots of things that .net is so huge that it needs several devs to develop a project.

Im not really good with designing and im not good with math either so i might try backend and not frontend nor data science.

It would be nice to hear from .net developers

Why do you want to become a dotnet-developer?

Because they are in demand. When i look on c# code it looks really readable and understandable for me. Some people say javascript frameworks keep changing a lot and theres tons of js frameworks. Atleast on .net theres only one framework i can master. Ive been learning .net for 4 months now. Just want to know how it works on .net to land a job. Do i have to create .portfolios?

Choosing the “right” language is just one small part of the puzzle.

You should plan for doing this for at least 1 year before getting a job, while building a portfolio and keeping in touch with people to get some invites for jobs.

I wouldn’t focus on one specific framework, but on learning the fundamentals and concepts behind this stuff.