Network/Friends around Chicago Area?

I am looking to network with people interested in pursuing a career in software engineering. I am a recent graduate with a business degree, looking to switch to software engineering. I only recently started studying, but I am looking for people that are motivated and want to push each other towards our goals or bounce startup ideas/projects off one another.

I am also looking to move around Orlando, FL, Houston, TX or California in the near future, if age matters, im 25 y/o.

I can connect via Discord/E-mail/LinkedIn.

If you have any groups/meetups around Chicago, please let me know, I’d be interested in joining your group as most links for unofficial FCC DIscords are dead.

Hey Justin :wave:t2:

I lead a small group of freeCodeCampers and self-learners who meet in Chicago. We’ve gone remote since early March, but prior to that we were meeting at the Capital One Cafe in the Loop on Sundays. I’m not officially part of, just a volunteer study group leader. As a fellow freeCodeCamper we’d love to meet you some time.

Here are the various places you can find us, but the Slack is what we consider the official channel for our group. The others are just there to help with discoverability of the group.

If you’re on Facebook, our Loop specific study group has a Facebook group you can find here:
freeCodeCamp Chicago Loop

There is also a generic (meaning to say not area-specific) Chicago group on Facebook here:
Free Code Camp Chicago Study Group

We are on Slack as well, our official communication channel, if you’d like to join in there here is an invite link:
freeCodeCamp Chicago Loop Slack



Joined the Slack Channel!