How can i start a solid network/connections?

Ivan here,

Im 22 years old and from Chicago. I am about 2 months away from completing a Google IT course and I am looking to make connections to help with my job search. Any tips on where to start?

I am also learning Javascript, as becoming a developer is my end goal.

Thanks in advance-

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Join communities. Here on freeCodeCamp, help answer questions and share your own struggles. Contribute to an open source project that you use and participate in the contributor community and discussions. Some people are reluctant to participate until they feel like they’re already an expert, maybe because they are afraid that some day someone will see their newbie questions, but that’s really a big part of how you get tied in with people and establish yourself.


Probably the #1 networking place for professionals at the moment is which is useful for networking and applying for jobs.

Otherwise if you just want to find communities to learn more about fellow devs, and expand your knowledge horizon, freeCodeCamp is pretty good, along with

There are a number of other ones that could be used, such as stackoverflow, and reddit, but they might not be as kind and inclusive as fCC or

Good luck!


Hello, and welcome to the forum.
The first step should be developing your portfolio. So, for it the best way, I will suggest you are joining a freelancing platform like Fiverr and Upwork. Moreover, Just google “remote jobs” along with your country, and you will find several remote employment platforms and join them. ,

Hi Ivan,

I run a freeCodeCamp local study group chapter here in Chicago. We are currently a small group of freeCodeCampers and self-learners who were meeting in the Loop before the pandemic; we’ve been meeting online since. I’m not officially part of, just a volunteer study group leader. We’d be happy to have another member. Feel free to join us at any of our communities below.

If you’re on Facebook, our Loop specific study group has a Facebook group you can find here:
Free Code Camp Chicago Study Group

We are on Slack as well, if you’d like to join in there here is an invite link:
freeCodeCamp Chicago Slack

I’ve also started a group on LinkedIn for freeCodeCamp students and alumni who are local to Chicago. That group is relatively small right now, but this is extactly why I would like to grow the group there, for professional networking.

You can also follow the events I run which can be found on my organizer page on Eventbrite.

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