Networking and finding a job

Hi there. This is my first post on freecodecamp. I’m looking to register for a 1 year web design program at my local college this fall. I’m going this route because it offers a lower course load while providing a sense of structure and direction. My main concern is what to do with it all after the program is finished. There is no co-op option as it is part time. What is the best way to network and land my first position (or is free lance a good option). Im very new to all of this so any help would be appreciated!


Hey there,

I think you can find events for like-minded people everywhere.
Maybe at your local college, but also online.
If you are located in a bigger city, I’d have a look at local facebook groups or events.

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Hi @Honzou86 welcome to the forums, hope you find what your looking for!

A lot of colleges provide resources to find and get jobs, including hosting job fairs. I recommend looking into your college’s resources to see what they offer. There also might be clubs for different things that could be of use. (My school had a cyber security club for example)

As @miku86 said, network with like-minded people in school or even outside of school.

The main thing is to network, get to know people, learn about them, expose yourself to more stuff, and leverage what resources you have available from the school and environment.

Good luck, keep learning!